Star chef Anthony Bourdain died

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The American celebrity chef and bestselling author Anthony Bourdain has just died.

Anthony Bourdain, a US celebrity chef, and bestselling author is no longer with us. CNN confirmed his death: “It is a heartbreaking loss for us all Anthony was in France, he filmed there new episodes of his television series ‘Parts unknown'”.

Born in New York, Bourdain grew up in neighboring New Jersey and eventually graduated from a prestigious Culinary Institute of America, working as a chef and eventually as a restaurant critic.

The passionate cook wrote books about his culinary travels. In “A Chef Traveling Around the World” he described encounters with chefs, market traders and fishermen, which all inspired him on his journey as a Chef.

The “New York Times” called him a hero as he was known to report on harsh working conditions,  abusive working hours and drug and alcohol abuse.

On the question to his last supper:

“I would go out – just a sushi, but top quality: tuna belly, a toro so, perfect, still warm crumbly rice, a little bit of fresh wasabi – all done by a master, that would not be a bad choice.”

According to CNN, Bourdain committed suicide in his hotel room.

Anthony Bourdain was 61 when he died.

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