First Flying Car: PAL-V Liberty

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Model 3
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Another Milestone closer to Private Air Transport

Recent headlines related to air mobility: Germany approved Ingolstadt as a testing site for Airbus´ flying taxis. The letter of intent was signed 20th of June this year and is yet another leap to further mobility in public air transport. It ought to be a long shot before we have an established and efficient network of flying taxis and cars in full, efficient operation. Which Uber, together with NASA is currently working on. Momentarily the market seems to be ripe for the first few private flying cars offered at a premium price. This blog post will feature the first flying car out in the market, which is none other than the PAL-V Liberty.

PAL-V Liberty

Dutch company Pal-V came up with the 1st production model flying car. It´s a gyroplane hybrid – providing you sportscar and helicopter functionalities all in one vehicle. Upon engine fail, it is built to be steerable towards a safe landing.

Specifications & Features:

10 mins transformation time
2 seater
3 wheeler
Land: 100mph speed, 0-63mph startup 9 secs, 817 miles, fuel efficiency of 31mpg.
Air: 310 miles per tank, 112 mph flying speed, 11k feet max altitude


The PAL-V Liberty Pioneer version around $600,000 USD – the debut of the beauty took place in the March 2018 Geneva Switzerland Motorshow, models to be released and delivered in 2020. Pre-orders are being accepted and the non-refundable preorder deposit costs $10,000. Only 90 units of the Pioneer model will be produced. Interested parties can go to their preorder page.

There is also a cheaper Dutch Sport model selling for $400,000. Both prices are inclusive of flying lessons and have the same performance level. The difference lies in the customizable features in Pal V Liberty. Also, you´d have to pay extra for optional add-ons that are standard in the limited edition PAL-V Liberty Models:

Dual controls
Power heating
Details in hand-laid carbon in view


For those still looking around for alternatives, the ones closest to PAL-V are:

Skyrunner, more a version of a car with a parachute in comparison with the sleek futuristic prototypes.
Terrafugia, who differentiates themselves by using premium gasoline and not the conventional jet fuel, saving you a lot on the flying cost.
Maverick LSA from Florida based i-Tech company is fairly inexpensive, selling for 94,000 USD but tough and good for rough environments.
Aeromobile 3.0, who boasts of being able to land any airport, needing only a few meters of grass or flatland.

Other cars to watch for:

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