Press Release: About MUNPlanet

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An institution has been created as a community to foster a place of belonging for all those interested in creating a knowledgeable, stronger and more engaged Model United Nations Global Community.

MUNPlanet, as it’s called, is a knowledge network where members create, curate and share their knowledge and experiences about issues of global importance.

It is for people who are passionate about the world and share the values of the United Nations.

At MUNPlanet We foster interaction among open-minded people who make up for a unique community of practice that benefits individual aspirations of its members.

We also provide a platform for actions that can make the globe a better place for all of us.

MUNPlanet exists today to help young and aspiring MUN minds reach their full potential.  We hope to accelerate progress and create a better world for our next generation to inherit.

We are Based in Europe founded in 2014 and is supported by our parents’ company.

In other to create coordination, we discuss ways in which we can accelerate progress, stay updated on all MUN dates and conferences, Tap into the collective knowledge and connections of the MUN delegates.

In continuation, it’s our responsibility to Find out what it takes to build a successful Model UN conference and Find answers related to MUNs and career growth.

To know what is happening in and around you, we have a home where you can possibly search answers that lack within. We answer all your questions here

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