How has technology changed education?

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How has technology changed education?

Education is something which is considered as the very important aspect of one’s life. In the past education was limited to boundaries and some social norms stopped spreading of education in all section. So it was limited to some people. But in this modern era, everything has been changed there is a complete change in the structure of the educational system because of the influence of technology in the educational field. Technology has brought a new concept of education and it really helped to spread education all over the world. At first, people showed some hesitation in involving technological devices in the classroom but now more than 75%of schools are digitalized and teachers use new modern technological methods in their teaching and we can see there is a drastic change in the academicals performance of students. Learning has become very easy and stress-free. We know that academicals life is filled with some challenges in each field. They have to learn do works give in schools and seminar assignments examination and so on. This made academicals life stressful and students needed something which will help in this process. And they got it that’s technology. There is no doubt that technology had brought a drastic development in teaching and also in the learning process.

In the past students completely depended on books they didn’t have any other sources to enlarge their learning’s. But after the influence of technology students are completely depending on the internet because in that they get whatever they need. The research found that more than 90%of people use the internet in their daily life and youngsters are completely depending upon the internet. Because of that so many applications where developed which are related to education and they can download it and use it whenever they need it. Now they will get everything by sitting at home at their fingertips.

Individual learning

We know that everyone has smart phones and other technological devices in which they can get everything they need. By sitting at home they can search for any learning materials. They can read it and see the videos which are related to the particular subject they can use it whenever they want. Weather late at night or early in the morning they get everything without wasting their time and energy. They don’t need to depend completely on the teacher or in materials. If they don’t understand something they can search and they will get detailed information’s related to it. This is really useful in enhancing their learning ability. When they get class works if they don’t know they need to wait for anyone or depend on anyone technology will help you and lead you towards the solution.

Good rapport between teacher and students

As we know in the past there was no such friendly relationship between teacher and students. They never had a discussion related to any subject matters. But in this modern era, students expect some positive rapport with them. Such relations are established with the use of technology. While the teacher uses technological devices in the classroom and shows some video clippings related to the subject matter the students can have the good discussion with the teacher and will be able to pass their comments on it. And they will have a conversation through technological devices. The teacher can create a class blog and will be able to interact with the students by sitting at home and also teacher will maintain a good relationship with parents. Because parents also play an important role in education. So the teacher can update all necessary information’s related to their child and give suggestion regarding the students. So technology really helped to maintain a good relationship between teacher students and also with parents.

Enhanced quality of teaching

As we are living in a modern era and students expect not to follow old traditional methods in the classroom. The teacher can use technological devices I the classroom. The teacher must include technological devices in their curriculum. And should be an important part in the teaching process. By giving a visual effect to the student’s teacher can attract the student’s interest and students will show interest in the subject. They will get real-life experience in the classroom. As I said now schools and colleges are using technological devices in their teaching process which really helped to enhance the teaching process and also helped to raise the quality of teaching immensely.

Distance learning

Another very important contribution of technology in the educational field is the distance learning and online learning. As we know learning is a continuous process and they will get the chance to learn throughout their life with the help of distance learning. They will get all necessary information and materials related to a subject. Now because the demand for distance learning they have included so many other courses and they can select whatever course they want. People can involve in the process of learning while doing a job. They can learn when they are free and when they get time to study. Late at night or early morning, the internet is always available for them to learn. If they get good marks in their subject they can ask for a better job in life. So it really helps people to educate themselves and be a successful person in life.

Technology has changed the role of teacher and learners in the learning process. Now a teacher, as well as learners, depends on technology to make their teaching as well as learning process more effective. By using technological devices in the primary stage of academicals life, it made students expert in technological skills. We know that the future is very competitive one and we must have the thorough knowledge about technical skills. By using technology we are preparing our students to face the challenges of future life and lead a successful life ahead.

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